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Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 22

Yes, yes I know this is a bit late/delayed. My Day 22 was back on Wednesday, but I had a lot of freelance work this week! (yay!) But just because I’m late, doesn’t make my results any less exciting or legit! So first, check out this 2-minute video…and then scroll further down for my before […]

Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 15

One more week to go! Take a look-see and hear what I have to say about my Week 2 experience!

Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 8

Short & sweet video recapping my first week of the Ultimate Reset! Enjoy!  

Confessions of a Chocoholic. Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 1

Ugh. I apologize for the lag…

$90 OFF Insanity Challenge Pack + Other April Promotions

Beachbody Ultimate Reset still ON SALE!  Yes! You read correctly! The SALE on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset was extended an extra two weeks! Which means you have a few more days to get your hands on an Ultimate Reset Kit of your own before the price goes back up! I’m starting on April 17th, with […]

Take a Stand in March

Clever, huh? But I mean it! It’s time to take a stand for your health! And with all of this Spring cleaning (and the fact that bathing suit season is only a few months away), why not do it in March?! I have quite a few goodies at a HUGE discount just for you, after […]

Ultimate Resetter: Feedback & Results

For the month of January, I “hosted” an Ultimate Reset Challenge Group. In said Challenge Group, were three Challengers: A husband&wife team, and the sister to the husband of the husband&wife team. All three were wonderful Challengers and had amazing results. This week, I’d like to share with you Jordan S.’s open-and-honest feedback and results. […]

What Is “Clean Eating,” Anyway?

You may or may not have seen the term “clean eating” come up a lot lately. Some of you may know what it is, some may kinda know what it is, some may have no clue what it is…and then there’s a large portion of you that think you know what it is, but really […]

January New Year’s Resolution Challenge Groups: Take Your Pick!

Reset/Detox/Cleanse Your Body in 2013!

  Are you planning on [finally] getting your health on track in 2013, and looking for something to jumpstart your weight loss for the year?! LOOK NO FURTHER!! Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset is the perfect Program to do just that! You’ll learn how to fuel your body with the best foods to not only cleanse it, […]