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Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 22

Yes, yes I know this is a bit late/delayed. My Day 22 was back on Wednesday, but I had a lot of freelance work this week! (yay!) But just because I’m late, doesn’t make my results any less exciting or legit! So first, check out this 2-minute video…and then scroll further down for my before […]

Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 15

One more week to go! Take a look-see and hear what I have to say about my Week 2 experience!

Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 8

Short & sweet video recapping my first week of the Ultimate Reset! Enjoy!  

My Goal to be Makeup-Free

Ok so maybe not makeup-free, but definitely concealer-free. I’ve always had sensitive skin. I had my first pimple in 5th grade — that’s what? 9 or 10 years old? Sheesh. Actually, I take that back; I even had infant’s acne when I was a baby. But I’ll stick with the year(s) I actually remember. So […]

Negative Nancy: No More!

Some of you know me, personally…some of you do not. Some of you have only known me for the past year or so…some of you have known me back before I turned my health around for the better. Regardless, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my past “attitude problem”. I used to […]

15 Foods that Cleanse Your Bod!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always hearing/reading about all of the fruits and vegetables that do so many incredible things for our bodies — elaborating more on just the fact that “they’re good for you” — and informing you as to WHY they’re good for you…what their true functions are. Don’t get me […]