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What Is “Clean Eating,” Anyway?

You may or may not have seen the term “clean eating” come up a lot lately. Some of you may know what it is, some may kinda know what it is, some may have no clue what it is…and then there’s a large portion of you that think you know what it is, but really […]

Les Mills: PUMP Results!

First and foremost, when did the iPhone’s camera quality get so crappy?? I apologize for all the noise. Bums me out. Anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but the top reasons I do these Beachbody programs are: 1. to get/stay fit and healthy 2. to get the free t-shirt once i’ve completed the program […]

“Tough Love” Vlog – Encouraging YOU to Change Your Ways in 2013

15 Foods that Cleanse Your Bod!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always hearing/reading about all of the fruits and vegetables that do so many incredible things for our bodies — elaborating more on just the fact that “they’re good for you” — and informing you as to WHY they’re good for you…what their true functions are. Don’t get me […]

Weight Gain After the Wedding Day

It’s crazy for me to hear/read about the drastic measures men and women take in order to look “perfect” on their wedding days. (Of course it’s usually the brides moreover the grooms, but nonetheless). It seems as soon as they say their “I do”s, all their hard work goes right out the window. But like […]

Potato : Potahto

Some people think my refusing to take any medication (over-the-counter or prescription) due to their high toxicity levels is “crazy”. I think taking medication every day for the rest of your life because you’re too lazy to do the work needed to get healthy is “crazy”.   Some people think my working out for one […]

Keys to a Successful, Healthy Journey

Many of you may have seen this image before, but it speaks volumes to not only financial/career success, but to a life full of success. You can’t get ANYWHERE worthwhile without having obstacles, pitfalls, and setbacks along the way. But anything worth having, is worth brushing yourself off and fighting for. As I’m sure you […]

Not all Calories are Created Equal

I know a lot of “diet plans” like Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, etc., all tell you that you can “eat all the foods you love, and still lose weight”. And while this may be true for a period of time, they’re not going to give you optimum health, teach you the right foods you should be […]