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My 2 Cents on the 21-Day Ultimate Reset

Scroll down to see before & after pictures and weight/measurement results! BEFORE: Height: 5’9″ Weight: 130.0lbs Waist: 27″ Hip: 36″ Right Thigh: 21.25″ Left Thigh: 21.25″ Right Arm: 11″ Left Arm: 11″ AFTER: Height: 5’9″ Weight: 126.0lbs Waist: 26″ Hip: 36″ Right Thigh: 19.75″ Left Thigh: 19.5″ Right Arm: 10.25″ Left Arm: 10.25″ TOTAL LOST: […]

Ultimate Reset: Day 19

Ultimate Reset: Day 17

Ultimate Reset: Day 15

Ultimate Reset: Day 13

Ultimate Reset: Day 11


Ultimate Reset: Day 9

Two apologies: 1. I’m about 12 hours late in posting about my Day 9 (which concluded yesterday) 2. I do not have a vlog to show for it either. But I CAN write you all about the last couple of days! Day 8 was just full of busyness with me getting ready for my trip […]

Healthy Redhead T-shirts for Sale!

EXCITING NEWS!!! I have designed a line of “health-themed” t-shirts that I’m super stoked about! I’m working on more, but for now, there are 12 to choose from! I’d LOVE for you to check them out and buy one (or two or three) to sport and show off about your new healthy lifestyle! Referrals to […]

Ultimate Reset: Day 7


Ultimate Reset: Day 5