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Negative Nancy: No More!

Some of you know me, personally…some of you do not. Some of you have only known me for the past year or so…some of you have known me back before I turned my health around for the better. Regardless, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my past “attitude problem”. I used to […]

Beachbody Black Friday through Cyber Monday DEALS!! *While Supplies Last

Check out all of the amazing deals below!! Each image below will take you directly to the deal in which you wish to take full advantage! (and the image above will take you to all seven!) These deals are available from 9:00AM (PST) Friday through 9:00PM (PST) Monday!! These deals are AMAZING!! And with the […]

Slim In 6 NOW ON SALE!!

That’s right!! ANOTHER RIDICULOUS SALE on a Signature Beachbody Product!! You can now save $20 on each of the Slim In 6 workout packages!! Order through ME, and receive a BONUS WORKOUT DVD on top of this already-incredible deal!! As always, this deal won’t last long!! (You’ll be lucky if it lasts through the end […]

Order From ME and WIN!!

That’s right, ladies and gents!! For the month of November ONLY, if you order Shakeology HD and/or a Challenge Pack THROUGH ME, you’ll be entered to WIN a Beachbody Workout Program of your very own!!! How awesome is that?! There’s only 2 weeks left in November, so you better get moving before this deal goes […]

Why You Should Purchase Your Challenge Pack NOW:

On the Fence About Getting Healthy?

I have a fantastic amount of friends and clients-turned-friends that have decided to turn their lives around and get healthy [and stay healthy] for good! There isn’t a whole lot that makes me happier than receiving a phone call, a text, an email, or a FB message from somebody that wants to get healthy…and wants […]

15 Foods that Cleanse Your Bod!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always hearing/reading about all of the fruits and vegetables that do so many incredible things for our bodies — elaborating more on just the fact that “they’re good for you” — and informing you as to WHY they’re good for you…what their true functions are. Don’t get me […]