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“Tough Love” Vlog – Encouraging YOU to Change Your Ways in 2013

What’s a Challenge Group, Anyway?

Many of you may have seen me advertising “Challenge Groups” and/or “Fit Challenges” for the last year now. While I know what they are (since I’ve been doing them for so long), I’ve come to realize a lot of you may not. So I’ve decided to write this short-and-sweet blogpost-o-explanation in the hopes of helping […]

January New Year’s Resolution Challenge Groups: Take Your Pick!

Reset/Detox/Cleanse Your Body in 2013!

  Are you planning on [finally] getting your health on track in 2013, and looking for something to jumpstart your weight loss for the year?! LOOK NO FURTHER!! Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset is the perfect Program to do just that! You’ll learn how to fuel your body with the best foods to not only cleanse it, […]