You’re Invited: Get Lean for the GREEN Challenge!


What: Get Lean for the GREEN Challenge

When: Monday, June 3rd, 2013 + 60 to 90 days of your Fitness Program’s duration.

Who: YOU and 4-9 other Challengers!

Where: From the comfort of your own home AND in our Exclusive FB Challenge Group

Why: So you can get FIT, LEAN, & HEALTHY…..AND have the chance to WIN MONEY!!

How to win some GREEN:
1. Sign up for the Challenge. Message me here.

2. Invite your friends! The more Challengers, the bigger the Pot-O-Green! And who doesn’t want to take their friends’ money, right?! ;)

3a. Purchase a Challenge Pack of your choice = Beachbody Fitness Program + Shakeology

3b. If you already own a Beachbody Fitness Program, all you need to do is order your Shakeology HD.

3c. If you’re already on Shakeology HD, then you’re golden!

4. Mail/PayPal me your money to put in the Pot-O-Green:¬†Each Challenger will throw in $10-$20 from his/her own pocket (depending on the amount we all agree to wager) And even though I’m not in the running to win the Contest, I’ll throw in the matching wager from my own pocket, too!
At the end of the Challenge, the winner will be mailed the entire Pot-O-Green. THAT COULD BE YOU!

5. After submitting payment, you will then be added to the Exclusive Get Lean for the GREEN Facebook Group.

6. This contest isn’t based upon Results alone. We need to be there for one another, too! We need to stay accountable to ourselves and to one another if we want to be sure we get the results we want! AND we must motivate one another to stay on track! So daily participation in the Facebook Group also plays a huge role in winning this Contest.

7. Push Play and drink your Shakeology EVERY DAY.


9. Submit your before & after photos and measurements at the end of the [60 or 90 days].

10. Potentially WIN THE GREEN!! Even if you don’t win the Pot-O-Green, you’re still finishing with a healthier, fitter YOU. And hopefully, some new friends! :) Talk about a WIN: WIN: WIN!!


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