Beachbody Coach Summit: 2013 Report – Part 2


My apologies for the delay! I know I said I’d have a Part 2 for you last week, but I got so caught up in all of you signing up to be in my next Fit Challenge, that I’m just now getting around to writing. (Never a bad thing) :)

In Part 1, I highlighted what all I did and what all I learned — my “takeaways” if you will. For this 2nd part, I wanted to highlight the “extras” — the parties, the celebrations, the $100,000 giveaways, and the Top Coach awards. Beachbody not only knows how to get you fit, healthy, and successful in the most efficient way possible, but they also know how to party and reward hard work and accomplishments!

So the first official kick-off night of Beachbody Summit, was the White Party. You earned an invitation to the White Party through Success Club qualification for the months of April & May. Success Club is something we Beachbody Coaches strive for every month — it’s sort of a tally we keep of how many people we’ve been able to help get closer to reaching their health & fitness goals each month. :) I didn’t quite make the qualifications, but my upline Coach, Betsy, did! And being the generous friend she is, she invited me to be her “plus one”. :) Anyway, we all dressed up in our best white dresses/gowns/suits/togas and had a great time by the pool of the MGM Grand! (no, no pictures of me specifically — sorry) Amongst the Coaches, there were also the Beachbody muckiemucks and the Celebrity Trainers!
summit_whitepartyThere was also another party, the following night, for those that are ranked Star-Diamond and above. Neither myself nor Betsy are there – yet – but we will be next year! It was at a nearby restaurant, I believe. Much more intimate setting due to much fewer Coaches being of that rank.

Then there was the final night of prizes & recognition. There was a female $100,000 winner and a male $100,000 winner. Their stories were moving and remarkable. Not only were there 2 $100,000 winners, but a handful of $25,000 runner-ups! Talk about getting paid to be healthy! That could be YOU!!
And then there were the Awards for the most profitable Coaches. There are many Coaches earning 6-figure incomes, being their own bosses, creating their own schedules — living the life by helping people. Keep in mind, the more profitable the Coach, the more people they’re helping get healthy & fit! It’s a win-win job, really! That’s why I LOVE being a Beachbody Coach! I’d love to help you get on the bandwagon of helping End the Trend of Obesity too! Just message me on Facebook! :) So there were many awards given away that night…but the most fun to watch was the extravagant “parade” they put out for the Top Coach of the Year. Wayne Wyatt was not only the Top Coach for this past year, but also earned Top Coachdom the year prior. He’s a quiet, humble guy…but I really admired his speech. I strongly encourage you to watch it. It’s a great summary of how great of a company Beachbody is…and just how awesomely motivational (and weird) our CEO, Carl Daikeler, is. (video courtesy of @joeonfitness)

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