To Be Happy and Healthy

Did you know people spend more time, money, and energy trying to find that “magic pill” instead of just working toward a permanent healthy lifestyle? It saddens me that people would rather stay in a state of ¬†unhealthiness, sadness and an overall disgust with themselves — if that means they don’t have to work out and eat right. I’m sorry to say, but those “magic pills” and “fad diets” might work for a little while at first, but 1. you’re doing more damage to yourself by depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to function properly and 2. screwing up your metabolism completely with those “fat-burning” pills! As soon as you get off of these diets/pills, your weight is going to come right back on — and probably even more than where you originally started.
I’m sure you’ve all heard these things before…so what makes you think it’s going to be any different for you? Why do you want to hurt more than you already do? Don’t you want to be HAPPY and HEALTHY?? To know you’re doing right not only by your body, but by your family?? Your children?? I know I want my parents to be around for as long as possible.
I may know you, personally, and I may not know you at all. But I promise you, I want you to be happy! Everybody should be happy! And in order to be truly happy, you have to be healthy. If you’re healthy, you won’t have the mood swings, the bitterness, the internal anger. And you won’t have to worry about emotional-eating, because you’ll be happy! I want this for you. I really do.
So when you’re ready to kick your bad habits to the curb, stop “investing” in these weight-loss scams, and truly invest in your HEALTH, I’m here.

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  1. Stephanie Dorothy

     /  May 17, 2012

    Looks great Andrea! Really love the look! I love lime green, so that wall paper is awsome!


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