What’s a Challenge Group, Anyway?

january_cp_websitebannerMany of you may have seen me advertising “Challenge Groups” and/or “Fit Challenges” for the last year now. While I know what they are (since I’ve been doing them for so long), I’ve come to realize a lot of you may not. So I’ve decided to write this short-and-sweet blogpost-o-explanation in the hopes of helping you understand AND encouraging you to join one of my three Challenge Groups I’m starting in January 2013!!

What’s a Challenge Group?
A Challenge Group is a group of 5 or more people (aka “challengers”) that keep each other positive, motivated, and accountable throughout a 21-to-90-day Health & Fitness Challenge — garnering ultimate results!! As your Coach, I will head up said group and answer any and all questions you may have about the health & fitness journey you’re about to embark upon.

Do I have to live near/around you and/or the other Challengers?
Not at all! Enter: the beauty of social media. :) While I encourage you to invite friends & family members to participate with you (the more the merrier, right?!), living anywhere near the other Challengers or myself, is not a prerequisite. Any and all interaction/accountability will be done in a Facebook Accountability Group set up just for you and the fellow Challengers in the specific Challenge Group. Other interaction can also be done via Skype, FaceTime, text, email, phone calls, etc. – whatever you’re comfortable with.
Having said that, you do everything at home, on your time and your schedule. No in-person meetings or group workouts. All of Beachbody’s Workout Programs are at-home workouts, and any measuring and weighing-in that you do will be for your eyes only. However, you/we will be required to check in on the 30-Day mark(s), to see how many pounds and inches we’ve all lost.

What will I need and/or need to do to be part of the Challenge?
This is where things get more personalized for you and your health & fitness goals. You and I will discuss what you’re hoping to get out of your workout and/or lifestyle change. That could range anywhere from “I want to be able to keep up with my kids” to “I want to get rid my saddlebags” to “I want to make the Varsity Football Team next year”. Whatever your goal is, we’ll decide which Beachbody Program is right for YOU! Already have a Beachbody Program at home that just needs dusting off?? Not a problem! That works, too!!
Then there’s the nutrition aspect. I KNOW you all know about my love for Shakeology. Like I always say, I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could. It’s so so so incredibly good for you; more than just your typical “weight loss shake”. It’s chock full of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods — 100% whole foods — no chemical crap added, etc. It gives you energy, helps curb cravings, and keeps you full much longer than most meals you’re probably accustomed to eating. So this will obviously be a huge part of your results, as well as a prerequisite to enter the Challenge Group. Shakeology comes in 4 Flavors: Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Tropical Strawberry, [whey protein] Chocolate, and [whey protein] Greenberry. (and no, you do NOT have to be a vegan in order to enjoy or partake in the vegan flavors).

How long is the Challenge?
That all depends on which Program you decide to do! Some Beachbody Programs are 30 Days, some 60 Days, and others are 90 Days. And then there’s the Ultimate Reset, where you don’t do any working out — it’s just a 21 Day no-starvation Cleanse & Detox for your body. You can also choose to do multiple rounds of the 30-Day Programs, too, if you’d like! It’s all up to you!

Not only do you have a chance to get fit and healthy, but you can also earn prize money just for getting in shape!! There are numerous monthly winners of $500, a grand monthly winner of $1,000, quarterly $2,500, finalist $5,000…all the way on up to a grand prize of $100,000!!!! And I personally know LOADS of people that have been winners of all tiers! So go get you some mulah, ok?! OK.

I hope that answers at least some of your questions. I promise you that this formula works; you just have to trust it and stick with it! So if you’re ready to change your life, NOW IS THE TIME!


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