Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 22


Yes, yes I know this is a bit late/delayed. My Day 22 was back on Wednesday, but I had a lot of freelance work this week! (yay!) But just because I’m late, doesn’t make my results any less exciting or legit! :)

So first, check out this 2-minute video…and then scroll further down for my before & after photos PLUS a few of my Ultimate Reset Challengers’ Results & Testimonies!


Like I said, I’m not too proud of the photo on the left. That was just from 1.5 – 2 weeks of binging on sweets. It was bad…and out of control. Obviously. But thanks to the Ultimate Reset, I’m back on track!! See what you can do in just 21 Days?! ::high five:: Unfortunately, I didn’t “bother” to take before & after measurements, so I don’t have those to share with you. But from looking at the pictures, I’d say I lost at least an inch or 2 around my hip/love-handle area…and what looks to be like 2 inches in each thigh! Sheesh. Buh-bye cellulite! :)



And now for my Challengers’ Results & Testimonies (and no, they weren’t paid to say these kind things about yours truly):

Godwin says:
“I lost about 10 lbs total, which is incredible. People have commented on how I look better already. I will continue to work hard on diet, include exercising, and try to cut back on my numbers (cholesterol, liver, and sugar). I have another doc appt and blood test in early September, so by then hopefully will be in a much better place. THANKS SO MUCH Andrea for all you did for us! Much appreciated.”

Jeni (Godwin’s wife) is breastfeeding and, therefore, unable to take the supplements. But she DID partake in all of the delicious food:
“I really appreciated all of the thought that went into preparing meals. I really liked being creative and getting to try new foods and recipes. I know that we will continue using the knowledge that we gained from this experience. Thank you for being an encouraging coach!”

Karsha says:
“I lost 10 lbs too! I was really happy about that! I’d just echo what Godwin said – I’m going to try and continue eating healthy. I think it’ll make a big difference moving forward. This detox has established some good habits that I’d like to continue doing. Thank you very much, Andrea, for the encouragement and support along the way! It was a big help, and motivator to stick with it. :)” 

I’d LOVE to help you get these kinds of results, too! We ALL need a tune-up. No matter how healthy you think you are, our bodies need detoxing at least twice a year. And guess what?! IT’S STILL ON SALE! $50 OFF! Are you up for the Challenge?! Let’s get you started!!



Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 15

One more week to go! Take a look-see and hear what I have to say about my Week 2 experience!

Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 8

Short & sweet video recapping my first week of the Ultimate Reset! Enjoy!


Confessions of a Chocoholic. Ultimate Reset: Round 2, Day 1

Ugh. I apologize for the lag…

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What Does It Mean to be a Beachbody Coach?


My hope/intention was to be able to explain it better via video than to write it out, but for some reason, my computer kept cutting in and out while I was recording and it skipped over a couple of things. So to reiterate and/or sum things up:

1. The coaching discount is 25%. Just like the coach commission is 25%. You receive the discount whether you work the business-side of things or not.

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Glow From Within and Win!


You may remember a recent post of mine — speaking about my determination to get glowing skin and rid of acne once and for all. Actually, my goal is to be makeup free! (but keeping the eye makeup of course) I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one out there that would love to have that “glow”. And no, I’m not talking pregnancy-glow. I’m talking radiance…the type of skin that gets you noticed…the type of skin that makes you feel beautiful and everyone around you envious. “What’s her secret?” “What is it about her that makes her luminate unlike anybody else here?”

Yes, you may know of some people that get facials constantly…do the chemical peels…buy all the expensive “beauty creams”…and some even go under the knife. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do any of that! Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on INSIDE your body. Which means, we have to consume the right foods for our bodies to be squeaky clean on the inside, so that we look squeaky clean on the outside. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I will tell you that it’s SO worth it. And guess what else? Not only will your skin be flawless, but your hair and nails will be shiny and strong, and your body fat will begin to melt away too! How does that sound?!

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Take a Stand in March

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My Goal to be Makeup-Free


Ok so maybe not makeup-free, but definitely concealer-free.

I’ve always had sensitive skin. I had my first pimple in 5th grade — that’s what? 9 or 10 years old? Sheesh. Actually, I take that back; I even had infant’s acne when I was a baby. But I’ll stick with the year(s) I actually remember. So yeah — I’m almost 30 years old, and have had an on-going struggle with acne for 20 years.

I was lucky enough to have parents that cared about my confidence and well-being enough that my mom took me to see a doctor…and then a dermatologist…sometime in my middle school years. I was put on 2 topical medications and an antibiotic. My skin cleared up drastically (albeit not perfect, but definitely a huge improvement). I wasn’t “allowed” to wear makeup until 8th or 9th grade either…so having this medication was a Godsend.

However, when I finally did start wearing makeup, I didn’t wear very much. I remember having a few friends that started wearing it earlier than I, and I just felt they looked like clowns — just so. much. makeup. What were they trying to hide, anyway? Their skin was flawless! My makeup consisted of mascara, eye shadow, and concealer.

You may have noticed that I didn’t list “foundation” of any kind in my makeup bag. As you may have also realized/observed, I’m a redhead. Therefore, I have freckles. Everywhere. My mom never wore foundation (she might now, but growing up I don’t recall ever watching her put on foundation) so that’s probably the biggest reason I never wore it either. I also thought “why would I plug my pores with this liquid makeup if I’m prone to breaking out?” I’ve only ever known my face to have freckles, so I also thought it weird to wear a form of paint to cover them up. I just wouldn’t feel like myself. So it’s just been me and my concealer wand since I was a teenager — having to cover up acne from time to time. That doesn’t mean my face looked fresh and flawless without it — it definitely didn’t look as smooth and pore-free as the other girls’, but I was (and still am) fine with that.

I’ve been off of the acne prescriptions for about 8 years now, and my acne/face has been decent enough to where drugstore stuff has done a decent enough job. But maybe a year or two after going off the antibiotic, I got married and on birth control. This also helped with the acne tremendously. And then adding Shakeology to my diet 2 years ago was another huge plus (as promised and adverised). It wasn’t until about 6 months ago, when I decided I was going to get off of birth control specifically for my health [drugs of any form/dosage (ie. over-the-counter, prescription, “recreational”, etc.) are extremely toxic to our bodies — and wreak havoc on them — especially for extended periods of time]. I wanted to be free of drugs, so that meant no birth control pills. Since then, my face/acne has been total chaos. Lots and lots of acne, oil, enlarged pores, etc. So much so that I didn’t like leaving the house because I was so embarrassed that at my age, I still had acne this bad. I didn’t understand it. I eat sooooo well/clean. It just wasn’t making sense, so I chalked it up to the abrupt ending of my daily birth control pill. My hormones are all out of whack, and it’s showing up on my face like a teenage girl with a chocolate addiction.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. And, generally speaking, if you’re skin is in turmoil, it’s a reflection of what’s going on inside your body. Because I eat so cleanly, and am in a constant stage of Beauty Detox, I know it has to be the hormones and/or a sensitivity to a certain food I’ve been eating. Eating a vegan diet — heavy on plant-food — will definitely get you to healthy, glowing skin. You just have to figure out what works for you. One thing I’ve already come to find for me personally: my homemade raw almond milk wasn’t doing me any favors — so I must have some sort of sensitivity to it…since switching to homemade oat milk, my complexion has cleared up tremendously.

After much trial and error, I think I’ve finally found a combination of things that have helped keep my acne at bay. Which leads me to wanting to strive for a perfect complexion. We all want it, and I know a small percentage of it is genes, but I also plan to educate myself on what foods work best at bringing that glow to our faces – SANS makeup. My plan is to go back to the days of just eye makeup (I mean, I am a redhead — homegirl needs mascara)…but not having to rely on any medication to make that happen. I encourage you to do the same!! Don’t you just want a glow about you? Here’s a great article to get you started. I’ve already pre-ordered Kimberly Snyder’s next book, and cannot wait to learn more! (if you haven’t read/heard of her first book, I encourage you to get your hands on that one as well!)

To be continued…

Ultimate Resetter: Feedback & Results


For the month of January, I “hosted” an Ultimate Reset Challenge Group. In said Challenge Group, were three Challengers: A husband&wife team, and the sister to the husband of the husband&wife team. All three were wonderful Challengers and had amazing results. This week, I’d like to share with you Jordan S.’s open-and-honest feedback and results.

“I had a love-hate relationship with the Reset in the beginning, but came to love it. My starting weight was 195.8lbs, and now my current weight, after 21 days, is 181.3 lbs! [14.5lb weight loss] This is exciting because it managed to get me over my 185lb plateau!! I had more energy than I knew what to do with on some days, and then other days I felt like I got ran over by a train. [This is part of the Detox/Reset — this was her body’s reaction to releasing & flushing out years-worth of built-up toxins and sludge from her body.] I noticed I didn’t lose any muscle mass during this Reset – which was amazing. I enjoyed the food, but I did miss my chicken and fish. Omg it was so hard living with my parents during this. My family is Italian and they love their meats, pastas, and sweet desserts. It was rough, but I didn’t cave in. I did work out during the Reset [which is something you’re not supposed to do on the Reset – walking and stretching only. Building muscle makes your body keep the toxins inside (something you don’t want), while walking and stretching aid in releasing the toxins] but it was weight training nothing too hard or rough. My skin did break out a lot during the process, [another sign that your body is releasing the toxins] but it’s clearing up now! :)”

jordan_URafterWay to go, Jordan!! SO so proud of you!! You look amazing!!

For any of you that would like to participate in my next Ultimate Reset Challenge, or would like more information about the Ultimate Reset, go over and “LIKE” my Page at www.facebook.com/TheHealthyRedhead and send me a message, and we’ll get you started!!!! :) I would LOVE to help you!